The PARIS declaration of WAAAR (World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance).   

Jean Carlet MD 05/09/2013

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We are in danger of losing the antibiotic effectiveness. An alarming increase in bacterial resistance, combined with an almost complete absence of new drugs, represent one of the most important public health issues of our time. Antibiotics are unique medications whose targets (bacteria) are living organisms, evolving, adapting and acquiring mechanisms that confer resistance to those drugs. It is our absolute duty to keep the antibiotic active as treatment for human diseases.
. WAAAR is a group of more than 600 individuals from 50 different countries representing all the key stakeholders (MDs, veterinarians, pharmacists, evolutionary biologists, ecologists, environmentalists…) including patients’ advocacy groups. The Alliance receives support from more than100 learned societies or professional groups throughout the world. It is a nonprofit organization open to professionals and users worldwide. WAAAR receives no funding from industry.
The primary objective of WAAAR is to raise awareness among all stakeholders of the urgency and magnitude of the threat. The Alliance is dedicated to actively lobbying for antibiotics preservation to raise awareness among antibiotic prescribers, policy-makers, patient safety groups, the pharmaceutical industry, international health organizations, politicians and the entire population.
The WAAAR declaration, one of the actions of the Alliance, will be launched through a series of initiatives. The first step of the process will take place with the launch of the WAAAR declaration during the congress of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), in Paris, in October 2013. A multidisciplinary international scientific committee will define priorities and propose short, medium and long term actions. The first document will be submitted to the members of WAAAR,to the representatives of the international and national medical societies supporting the project and to agencies. We will consolidate this document at the time of the European Society of Clinical microbiology and Infectious diseases (ESCMID) meeting, in Barcelona, in May 2014 to create a draft action plan. After an extensive review by all members of WAAAR and other stakeholders, the final document will be released during a press conference organized in September 2014


Resistance to antibiotics has recently increased dramatically. The pipeline of new classes of antibiotics is dry for at least the five next years. Treatment failures already happen in increasing numbers of community acquired infections, like pyelonephritis, or peritonitis. In the future difficult surgical procedures, transplants, and other immunosuppressive therapies may become so much more risky that they may be impossible to do any longer. Resistance is mainly due to an excessive usage of antibiotics, in all sectors – both in people and animals. Action is urgently needed. Therefore, a World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance ( WAAAR) has been recently created, which includes health care professionals, consumers, health managers, and politicians. The document highlights the different proposed measures, and represents a strong consensus between the different professionals, including general practitioners, and veterinarians.

Les antibiotiques,qui ont sauvé tant de vies humaines, risquent de devenir inefficaces en raison d’une inquiétante augmentation de la résistance des bactéries à leur encontre et de la raréfaction des nouveaux produits mis sur le marché.

Il est ainsi urgent de protéger les antibiotiques (et les médicaments anti-infectieux de manière générale) de façon volontariste, comme on le ferait pour sauver des espèces en voie de disparition, dans l’état d’esprit d’un développement durable.